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About This Site (Disclosure)

 The author of this site, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, is doing a case study with a focus on branding, weighted graph (link metrics), and cross culture domain (DNS) transitioning.

Who am I?

I am a security analyst with a focus on digital forensics and pen testing. I am pursuing a graduate degree in Cybersecurity. 

What is the purpose of the case study?

I purchased several domains that were used in China that revolved around Chinese content. The sites linking to these domains had Chinese anchor text. Most of the domains that were purchased were not heavily involved with link spam. 

The same content will be posted across multiple sites to measure how domain history and Ahrefs data correlates with results.

I did not research what content was on the sites, if the site had a malicious background, or who previously owned the sites.

This site will not link out to other test sites associated with the case study.

The focus is going to be on:
  • writing medium quality content on each site and interlinking them together to see how long it will take to rebrand the domains from Chinese to English
  • interlink the foreign sites with English sites to assimilate them into English language
  • measure how the native English domains impact the foreign domains
  • measure how the foreign domains impact the English domains
  • test how domains with no common words or phrases are impacted by search engines

Why am I doing this?

I wish to test common theories on domain names, content, and link metrics. 

The case study will primarily use Ahrefs metrics to gauge link graphs and cross culture domains.